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Data storage

Martin Johnson - Friday, March 28, 2014
I've recently been reviewing how I store my data. In the world of digital video, data storage is everything and you need to have a system that works. When it does fail, and fail at sometime it will, you also need a good recovery plan. I can't say my system is perfect, I have had two hard drives crash to date, but so far no real disasters have affected me. Why store data? Unlike the early days of digital or non-linear editing, when you captured your data from camera tapes which we .. click to read full post.
Annie Marie Peters commented on 29-Mar-2014 07:48 AM
Oh yes! Backing up your files is an essential part of video production. I back up my memory cards to my computer. Then, I back up my computer to an external hard drive. Martin, what do you think about cloud storage? I have always preferred to have a physical copy of my files, but last Fall, an F5 tornado ripped through the town 5 miles from my house. If it had destroyed my home, having an online backup would have been a virtual lifesaver...
Andrew Stoik commented on 12-Apr-2014 12:40 PM
I use 2 Toshiba 1TB external data drives for my video files. I'm going to make a note of the Virtual Labs recovery software you mentioned. I'm bound to need it soon. I also use Crashplan to back up a few of my key files online.

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