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Martin Johnson - Sunday, May 15, 2016

After a long break from blogging on this site, it's time to revisit some old themes but updated for mid-2016.

Sadly, many of the don'ts from previous posts continue to pop up all over social media and the web and in a corporate setting - so I wanted to remind you of some of the basics.

1. A lot of the errors inexperienced people make is the failure to take what they see everyday on their TV to how they shoot their own videos. One of the commonest errors is poor framing. Learn to 'look' in the viewfinder and try and match the type of framing you see on TV - especially if you're filming a talking head.

2. If you're videoing yourself on your laptop, frame it properly. I recently had to reframe (by zooming in and down) a Skype type video in which the person being filmed was presenting a report. Sadly they had way too much headroom so they looked as if they were peering over the bottom of the screen. If you can see yourself - then frame yourself properly.

3. Get the background right. In this same series of videos that I was compiling, a husband and wife filmed each other giving a short report. The wife was filmed with a nice background, but when it came to the other way round, the husband was filmed against a bright, overcast sky which meant his face was way too dark. The person doing the filming would have seen this in the viewfinder when they pushed the button, but annoyingly they didn't think it needed to be fixed.

These were just two basic errors which were so easily avoided. If these videos were 'home movies' - then it wouldn't have mattered, but when the information was important to the group for whom it was meant - it should have been properly framed in each case.

It's not as if this is hard to do ...


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