1. Shooting Interviews - Introduction

Martin Johnson - Wednesday, December 28, 2016

1. Shooting Interviews

Interviews are a key element of much of what we see on television. Every TV news program features interviews with politicians, celebrities and other news makers. An interview is a good way of conveying information to an audience as the interviewer talks to someone who has knowledge about a particular topic. 

It's said that the interviewer acts on behalf of the audience watching at home. They need to ask questions that get the answers the public want to know. 

There are some conventions (some would say even rules) about how an interview is filmed or shot. This blog and associated video tutorial will explain some of those conventions. Whilst they don't have to be followed, it's good to understand them so that if you decide to do something different, you'll know what its different. 

An interview is really just a conversation between two people with the audience acting as an eavesdropper.  


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